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Clash of Clans 2018 APK Download Latest Version

Clash of Clans 2018 APK Download

Clash of Clans APK

Clash of Clans 2018 APK Download Latest Version – tag : Download apk game Clash of Clans, APK Game Clash of Clans Download, Clash of Clans APK Free, Download Clash of Clans APK For Android, Clash of Clans APK Latest Version 9.256.9 , Clash of Clans APK, Clash of Clans APK 2018, Clash of Clans APK For Android, Clash of Clans APK Latest Version, New Clash of Clans APK 2018, COC 2018 For Android, COC 2018 For Android iOS, Clash of Clans 2018 For Android iOS | Another large Clash of Clans 2018 update is coming in August, referred to as the 5th-anniversary upgrade. At the same time, a lot of unusual occasions are going on inside the game now. In case you missed it, the Builder in Clash of Clans left our towns, and Home builder Huts have for sale join them. Large changes are coming quickly. Below’s what you should know and also just what we believe is following.

Currently, there is a one-gem increase in Clash of Clans, and also the Battle Ram from Clash Royale made a brief look. Now, Giants are doing upgrades rather than builders. It’s a weird adjustment, however simply one of many that are coming quickly. While the majority of the recent updates were for the Contractor Base, our initial bases are about to get something brand-new.

Is the Builder leaving Clash of Clans completely? If he’s gone, that is going to do upgrades and develop wall surfaces? These are necessary inquiries. In addition, you’ll would like to know just what is following or what reports believe are coming next. We’ll cover that and also more in our slide show listed below.

Clash of Clans APK Download

If you go to Clash of Clans now and check your village you’ll see some odd things. There are to buy signs on the Contractor Huts, and the builders are totally missing out on. Are they really mosting likely to sell our huts? Due to the fact that a lot of players invested genuine loan to get even more and upgrade quicker. We’ll need to wait and see. Have a look at the teaser video above from Supercell.

We’re hearing they’ll return at some point, as well as hopefully with new abilities and tricks. Possibly including new facets to the game learned from their trip.

In the meantime, Giants are doing upgrades as the building contractors have actually gone missing out on. Prior to that, the Barbarians were in charge. We can expect Wizards or even the Witch to take control of following. This month the programmers have a bunch of unique events prepared to commemorate the five-year anniversary. When those end, we should start to listen to even more info concerning the August Clash of Clans upgrade.

Clash of Clans 2018 APK Download – Every little thing is virtually a secret, yet we do have a few potential suggestions, ideas and also details for gamers. Here’s exactly what we understand until now, what rumors suggest, as well as exactly what to anticipate from the next Clash launch.


Clash of Clans Key Features:

  • Build Your Village – collect resources and begin your own civilization, securing your citizens with defensive structures and building improvements.

  • Single-Player Warfare – take on goblin encampments to learn the game’s mechanics and reap rewards.

  • Intense PvP – raid other player’s villages, stealing loot, and join a clan to engage in massive clan warfare.

  • Various Units – there are over 18 types of warriors spread across 4 tiers of troops.

  • Tactical Deployment – choose where to place units on the battlefield wisely. One wrong placement could spell disaster or secure victory.

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